Home Safety Assessment

How to Stay in Your Own Home Longer and Safely

Through our preferred provider, Leslie M. Stern Design, CJE SeniorLife can perform a safety assessment of your home to spot possible safety hazards and discuss changes that may help keep you living in your home longer.

For a set fee,  the one-hour assessment provides a thorough review of indoor and exterior spaces, including accessibility, light, ergonomics, navigation and acoustics with special attention given to bathrooms, kitchens and flooring. 

The assessment incorporates the requirements of the American Disability Act, Universal Design, and the unique needs of each client.  Recommendations may range from inexpensive safety adjustments to modest redesigns to potential construction changes.  Follow-up consultations are available.

Fee: $150 per assessment

Call 773.508.1000 to set up an appointment to start living in beauty, style and accessibility!