Senior Health Insurance Program Counseling & Help (SHIP)

  • Are you having trouble with your health insurance company?

  • Are you confused about which medical bills to pay?

  • Are you having problems paying for your health insurance plans, medical bills or medications?

CJE’s certified Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) counselors can help untangle the mystery of medical bills, advocate on your behalf with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies AND health insurance companies. SHIP counselors can also help you find assistance in paying for medications, medical bills, or health insurance plans.

If you have a problem with Medicare, a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan, a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Part D, or any other type of health insurance plan, CJE Resource Specialists can help. This program is sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging.

All assistance through CJE SeniorLife is free of charge.

For more information call 773.508.1000 or complete "Contact Us" form and ask for a Benefits Services.

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