The Lieberman +30 Program

The Lieberman +30 Program helps you recover at home following your short-term rehabilitation stay at Lieberman Center. We proactively identify and resolve issues that often lead to re-hospitalization.

The Chicago area’s only FREE Transitional Care Service for post-acute patients.

With the Lieberman +30 Program: a Transitional Care Nurse (TCN) provides you and your family with

  • Education about your condition ad symptoms
  • Coaching on managing your care and medications
  • Help in coordinating follow-up care with your health professionals.

With our Lieberman +30 Transitional Nursing Program our goals are to:

  • Help you manage your medical condition.
  • Help you with your medication regimens.
  • Help with your follow-up care with primary care physicians and specialists.

Components of Lieberman +30

  • A detailed discharge plan.

Our Transitional Care Nurse (TCN) will meet with you prior to discharge and develop a personalized healthcare plan for 30 days following discharge.

  • Home Transition Assistance.

For safer transitions to home, our TCN will visit you at home within 72 hours of discharge to work with you and your home health care providers.

  • Sustained Monitoring.

Our TCN will contact you or your home healthcare providers weekly for 30 days after discharge to monitor your progress.


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