A Valid Voice: Engaging Stakeholders in Research


Virtual Seminar Series

Stream our four-part Virtual Seminar to learn ‘all the buzz’ about stakeholder engagement in research.

  • Discover the value of stakeholder engagement in research.
  • Address assumptions and challenges that limit stakeholder-involved research.
  • Be informed about innovative projects currently engaging older adults in research.
  • Learn more about our Virtual Seminar Series and how to connect with other researchers interested in stakeholder engagement.

Who should watch?

  • Researchers in the field of aging and long term supportive services
  • Clinicians who work with older adults
  • Providers of care or supportive services to older adults
  • Funders
  • Students interested in research on aging
  • Older adults engaged in research
  • Other stakeholder who wish to improve research for those receiving long term supportive services

Why should you watch?

  • Expand your conceptualization of research stakeholders
  • Explore the idea of engaging non-researchers in research process, from design through implementation
  • Explore a range of possibilities for this type of engagement
  • Become aware of the potential benefits and challenges of this type of engagement
  • Identify principles and strategies for finding and engaging non-researchers
  • Identify principles and strategies for engaging older adults living in different long term supportive settings
  • Identify challenges and strategies for engaging hard to reach older adult populations.
  • Be prepared for future opportunities to engage older adults and other non-researchers.
  • Improve the relevancy of your research design, methods, and results!

For further information, articles, and resources on engagement, see our resource list.

Watch our Virtual Seminars to learn about stakeholder engagement in research.

Upcoming Events

The Art of Engaging Older Adults in Research

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
12-1 pm ET

This webinar highlights two diverse research advisory boards that are working to bring the experiential voice of older adults to research. Researchers working with these advisory boards will discuss their unique models of engagement, use of technology, and experiences in recruitment, training, and sustainability of research advisory boards. The experiential voice of older adults is largely absent from health research, often leading to the development of ineffective programs and policies. While older adults have the capacity to participate in the design, development, and delivery of research, researchers traditionally do not recognize such capacity, may be unsure how to seek their input, or may not fully appreciate the extent to which such input can improve the research enterprise. Yet, the participation of these stakeholders, can ensure that patient-centered research meaningfully addresses older adults’ care preferences and desired health outcomes, and can ultimately improve the effectiveness of programs and policies as well as quality of care and quality of life for vulnerable older adults.

Registration link: https://www.geron.org/programs-services/gsa-webinars


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