CJE SeniorLife Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

Policy Statement
As noted in the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment for Council for Jewish Elderly (CJE SeniorLife), CJE SeniorLife encourages its staff to participate in research activities and to do so with the highest ethical standards. While the potential for conflicts of interest to arise in research is understandable due to the innovative and entrepreneurial pursuits of our research community, we must identify and manage situations in which financial or other personal interests could bias or compromise – or have the appearance of biasing or compromising – objectivity or judgment relative to research. Staff who are involved in outside consulting or business activities must clearly separate their CJE SeniorLife and outside obligations in order to avoid concerns as to their appropriate use of CJE SeniorLife resources and contributions by other CJE SeniorLife personnel. Staff members must be open about their involvement with and obligations to outside parties and should provide students, staff and colleagues with information about the funding that supports their research.

Reason for Policy/Purpose
CJE SeniorLife encourages its staff, as appropriate, to seek research funding from internal and external sponsors. As external sponsors establish their own policies regarding conflict of interest, CJE SeniorLife is expected to administer and oversee compliance with these requirements. This Policy, along with CJE SeniorLife’s Policy on Conflict of Interest Statement promotes objectivity in research and establishes CJE SeniorLife’s conflict of interest compliance framework.

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