Research Priorities

Sages periodically review, discuss, and update a list of desired health outcomes that inform their research priorities.

Current high priority research topics include:

  • Maximized independence in care settings
  • Feeling cared for and heard
  • Opportunities for social connections
  • Well-managed chronic symptoms
  • Opportunities for feeling positive
  • Being known by caregivers and teams

The research priorities above were developed by the original members of the Bureau of Sages.  They emerged from individual stories about positive experiences related to health care:

womanSilhouetteCaregivers were creative, trying alternative approaches and makeshift devices, and did not give  up.  As a result the resident was able to spend more time doing things that mattered to him/her.



manSilhouetteOne resident got to know another resident who served as his/her advocate. This helped with accepting a negative health condition.



womanSilhouetteA resident’s doctor listened, cared, and was very attentive rather than just focusing on the resident’s chart. This changed resident’s attitude and ability to be verbal positively, which impacted care in an emergency situation.



manSilhouetteA resident found a nurse’s voice to be especially helpful when he/she was upset. It was not so much what she said, but her voice.  It was like poetry and she listened.



manSilhouetteDuring an emergency, there was a care team to address one resident’s concerns and the realities of being in a nursing home.  More people working together resulted in more attention.



womanSilhouetteA moment of engaging with others made one resident feel better. When someone else needed his/her help, the headache and pains went away. Helping others has been important to him/her throughout life.