For Older Adults

More often older adults are asked for their views and experiences so that researchers can design better research.  Here you can learn about opportunities for older adults to be involved in how research is done.

To learn more about research, click here.

To learn more about other research advisory boards who are comprised of older adults receiving long term assistance, click here.

Other organizations have more opportunities for older adults to be more involved in the research process.  Here are some examples:

  • Many organizations now promote research that pays attention to outcomes that matter to patientss.  PCORI is one of those organizations. What can you learn from PCORI?
  • You can participate in online networks of patients, carers, advocates, clinicians, and researchers who work together called “Patient Powered Research Networks” or PPRNs. Each PRRN focuses on at least one type of health condition. PPRNs typically provide education, resources and opportunities to participate in research studies. The goal of PPRNs is to efficiently collect, organize and use data to improve health care and patient-centered outcomes. All of these PPRNs are part of a national network called PCORnet. You can find PPRNs of interest to you by clicking on the following link and then clicking on a health condition:


To learn more about the Bureau of sages read our latest publication:

The Bureau of Sages: Incorporating Older Adult Voice into Meaningful Research
Eisenstein, A.R., Milstein, L., Johnson, R., & Berman, R. (2020). The Bureau of Sages: Incorporating Older Adult Voice into Meaningful Research. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action 14(3), 359-370. doi:10.1353/cpr.2020.0041.