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The Bureau is a diverse group of community stakeholders with information, knowledge, and training on Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Comparative Effectiveness Research.

This makes them well-suited to carry out several functions:

  1. Serve as an advisory bureau to CJE SeniorLife’s internal research department
  2. Serve as an advisory bureau to local and national researchers wishing to conducted Patient-Centered Outcomes or Comparative Effectiveness Research
  3. Serve as individual advisors to larger Patient-Powered Research Networks, and
  4. Serve as champions and role models for incorporating the voice of diverse patient populations into Research.

What can the Bureau of Sages do for me?

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Input on research topics
  • Feedback on:
    • Surveys
    • Focus group guides
    • Stakeholder interviews
  • Feedback on educational materials
  • Input on community, patient, and family member needs for older adults
  • Suggestions for research priorities
  • Feedback on policy changes
  • Serve as an ongoing Advisory Board to research studies or other older adult initiatives
    • Including input during proposal development and feedback on methods and identifying meaningful results

If you are interested to learn more about the Bureau of Sages, please contact Dr.Rachel Lessem

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