A Valid Voice: Engaging Stakeholders in Research


Virtual Seminar Series

Stream our four-part Virtual Seminar to learn ‘all the buzz’ about stakeholder engagement in research.

  • Discover the value of stakeholder engagement in research.
  • Address assumptions and challenges that limit stakeholder-involved research.
  • Be informed about innovative projects currently engaging older adults in research.
  • Learn more about our Virtual Seminar Series and how to connect with other researchers interested in stakeholder engagement.

Who should watch?       

  • Researchers and students interested in learning what stakeholder engagement in research is all about.

Why should you watch?       

  • Because it may improve your research design, methods and results.

For further information, articles, and resources on engagement, see our resource list.

Upcoming Seminars Schedule





June 20

1pm EST

Part I: Engaging Stakeholders in Research


August 22

1pm EST

Part II: Recognizing and Addressing Common Challenges to Engagement in Research



October 10

1pm EST

Part III: Bureau of Sages Opportunities


December 12

1pm EST

Part IV: Deeper Dive on Engaging Frail Elders and Individuals from Diverse Backgrounds