Leonard Schanfield Research Institute

CJE SeniorLife is unique compared to many other eldercare agencies in that it has an in-house applied research division, the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute. 

Many of the research projects develop into programs and services that become integrated into CJE’s comprehensive network of programs and services for older adults and their families.

Our experience in the field of aging, our local and nationwide partnerships, and our engagement in innovative work in aging all make the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute an important catalyst of social and applied research.

The Mission of LSRI is to improve the quality of life of older adults and their caregivers through person-centered research, outcomes measurement, and evaluation.

The Vision of LSRI is to contribute to the development, innovation, and dissemination of equitable models of service and support for all older adults and their caregivers.

LSRI is known for its expertise in assessment, planning, and evaluation in community-based and institutional realms of care, with competency in interdisciplinary, multi-method research models.

Our track record shows that LSRI is a nationally and internationally, recognized research institute, one of the few affiliated with a direct service organization focusing on services and programs for older adults and their families, and incorporating a faith-based outlook.

CJE SeniorLife also serves on the Alliance for research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC), a program of Northwestern University Institute for Public Health and Medicine center for Community Health, and the Northwestern University Center for Translational Sciences.  ARCC supports community-based participatory research and community-engaged research by providing partnership facilication, capacity-building workshops and more, their core principles include community priorities, equal partnerships, and action.