Life - The Quarterly Magazine of CJE SeniorLife

I’m proud to welcome you to this issue of LIFE Magazine focused on the many ways we enrich lives at CJE. Inside, you’ll learn about some of our most exciting programs and initiatives, including our extensive Creative Arts Therapy Program. You’ll see the art and writing of engaged residents. Plus, you’ll read about the many ways our volunteers are deeply committed to our fundamental mission of enhancing quality of life. I feel extremely fortunate to be a member of the CJE family

In January, we also welcomed Holocaust Community Services (HCS)
back to CJE. Survivors represent a very special community of older adults
who share a bond of a traumatic history. HCS care management staff
provides opportunities for this group of older adults to meet and benefit
from the encouragement of fellow survivors through on-going support and
discussion groups. Social programs and celebrations are offered as well.

To help people understand the critical need for a program devoted to heart health in a rehabilitation facility, Dr. Noel DeBacker, Medical Director of CJE SeniorLife and Lieberman Center, provides a medical update on congestive heart failure (CHF) and the benefits of specialized post-acute rehabilitation. He gives a brief explanation of CHF, its symptoms and how optimal treatment is holistic and mindful.

IN HONOR OF NATIONAL ASSISTED LIVING WEEK which begins September 7, I’d like to thank all our residents at Weinberg Community, as well as their loved ones, for being part of the CJE family. I also want to acknowledge the dozens of dedicated staff members who help to enhance the lives of our residents by providing care and enrichment programs.