Life - The Quarterly Magazine of CJE SeniorLife


Welcome to our Winter Issue where you can take in all the activities that are going on at Weinberg Community: learn many things about the Executive Director, Jennifer Weininger; get a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on at a Weinberg Family Panel. Get updated on our grant-funded Instant Israel project. Finally, be sure to take a look at the many, many individuals, families, businesses, organizations, foundations and agencies that helped us provide so many vital services.


Welcome to our Fall issue in which we introduce you to “Instant Israel,” CJE’s foray into the virtual reality travel arena. Read about mindfulness, handling menopause while juggling multigenerational caregiving and meet the new Executive Director of Lieberman Center, plus much more!


In this issue, we explore some of the challenges of the “Sandwich Generation”—those caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children. For LGBTQ Pride Month, we also dive into LGBTQ advocacy and diversity and inclusion at CJE. You can also read about the exciting, new dining experiences Weinberg Community is dishing up for residents and meet the “Baubie of CJE”—Sashie Kraff!


This Spring issue is all about how the season inspires us to renew, refresh and retune ourselves. After reflecting on the awesome forces of time and space, CJE’s President turns a practical eye to the simple steps we can take to “launch” a health routine.  Read about other suggestions for recharging, like eating well, improving your sleep and  using laughter to cheer up and feel better.  Our articles on Lieberman Center’s new Customer Service Ambassador Program and Weinberg Community’s partnership with Moriah Early Childhood Center will interest you, as well as one on a Linkages program that is bringing nationally-recognized speakers to CJE in March.