Life - The Quarterly Magazine of CJE SeniorLife

We cannot thank you enough for thinking of us in this time of great need!

During this current pandemic, we often hear about donations to many CJE SeniorLife locations. We are touched by unexpected gifts such as masks, soap, food, and other in-kind donations from people who spontaneously think of us when they want to help. In order to acknowledge all of them for their kindness and generosity, this space will be continuously updated with more examples of selfless giving from our many clients, friends, families, staff and neighbors.


Please check out our Spring issue of LIFE Magazine, featuring a major update about the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute (LSRI), the in-house research division of CJE.


Welcome to our Winter Issue where you can take in all the activities that are going on at Weinberg Community: learn many things about the Executive Director, Jennifer Weininger; get a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on at a Weinberg Family Panel. Get updated on our grant-funded Instant Israel project. Finally, be sure to take a look at the many, many individuals, families, businesses, organizations, foundations and agencies that helped us provide so many vital services.


Welcome to our Fall issue in which we introduce you to “Instant Israel,” CJE’s foray into the virtual reality travel arena. Read about mindfulness, handling menopause while juggling multigenerational caregiving and meet the new Executive Director of Lieberman Center, plus much more!