Life - The Quarterly Magazine of CJE SeniorLife

When the name CJE SeniorLife comes up, our reputation as a long-time (45 years!) leader in providing services for older adults usually comes to mind first. After all, our mission is to enhance quality of life and facilitate the independence of older adults. Closely intertwined with that mission, however, is our work to provide programs and services to the caregivers of older adults whose loved ones are somewhere on the dependency spectrum: from almost independent to totally dependent.

CJE celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. During the past four decades, CJE has weathered several storms but starting last year, like many other health and human service providers, we were not left unscathed by the State of Illinois’ budget impasse. After extensive deliberation by CJE’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors, we made the difficult decision to close our Personal Care Program. You can read the full press release on our website at

Thankfully, most of the elderly adults who depend on these home-based services will be transferred to other providers. As a non-profit organization, without proactive remuneration, CJE does not have the resources to provide these services indefinitely without jeopardizing the viability of the entire organization, which annually serves more than 23,000 seniors and their families with a wide range of health and human services.

Since our founding in 1971 by Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, our mission has been grounded in promoting the independence of older adults and their families. Today, we offer a continuum of programming that provides Life Enrichment, Supportive Resources, Healthcare, Research and Education. We also remain firm in our commitment to be trustworthy, respectful and understanding of our clients’ unique needs and innovative in our efforts to develop programming. We are striving to be strategic in a world that is constantly evolving. Like many of our peers, we are also facing the challenges of funding and the changing health care system. On the other hand, we are developing strong and productive relationships with a wide range of community partners.

Lieberman Center has a long history of providing the utmost in quality care for its patients which is why we also have 18 therapists trained and certified in Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to help patients get back to their homes as quickly as possible. Remember that you do have a choice of where you want to do rehab after a hospital stay. Come take a tour of Lieberman’s new rehab facility and learn more about our excellent outcomes.