Your Eldercare Consultants Launch Just In Case

Sam, a 58-year-old attorney and Skokie native, has lived in California since his law school days at Berkeley. His busy professional and family life is filled with responsibilities including long-distance care for his widowed mother, Sally. At 87, Sally, continues to live in the family’s original split level home. She can manage her own routine care but calls to Sam are becoming more frequent. He senses her anxiety and worries that she is too isolated. Sam wonders what would happen in the event of an emergency or fall. Who would help his mother until he could fly in?


Bill, a 92-year-old accountant, is the primary caretaker for his wife, Lynn, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. The couple’s three grown children live in different parts of the country. Bill wants Lynn to stay at home for as long as possible. But he has recently been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. He’s concerned about who would step in if he were to be hospitalized.

Both Sam and Bill were recently referred to Your Eldercare Consultants, CJE’s affiliate program of geriatric care management services for older adults and their families. Sam was referred by his estate planner; Bill by his primary care physician. Joan Richman Ente, Manager of Your Eldercare Consultants, introduced them both to a new program enhancement which seemed to offer tailor-made solutions.

Contact CJE’s Joan Ente to learn more about the benefits of Just In Case. Call 773.508.1015 to discuss how this new service can give you . . . and your loved one . . . greater peace of mind.

Just In Case is a pre-need, annual subscription service designed to provide peace of mind for those who care for a frail or aging family member. It also appeals to older adults living independently who want professional guidance on how to manage health care or social service issues “just in case” of an illness, a fall, hospitalization or other unforeseen problem.

Just In Case is designed as a flexible plan for coverage and assistance when life takes a sudden turn in an unexpected direction. It offers professional help when people are feeling most vulnerable and unsure about their next steps.

According to Ms. Ente, Just In Case begins with an initial assessment, conducted by an experienced care manager. “At the initial meeting, we establish clear directives and safe protocols for managing unexpected situations or personal emergencies when they arise. This enables us to be effective and take charge when people need us most, and to act in accordance with a client and their family’s pre-determined instructions. Following the initial assessment, Your Eldercare Consultants’ staff initiates follow-up phone calls throughout the year to stay up to date with client’s situation. Two levels of care are offered. By putting this plan in place, our professional staff can make it a priority to serve a family’s needs, night or day.”

In our more than 40 years of enhancing the lives of seniors in the community, CJE knows that family caregivers must be prepared for the unexpected, especially if they live far from an older loved one.
“Just In Case is a promise we make to our clients and their families,” says Joan Ente. “We will be there to find solutions and support when you need it most.”

Sam’s mother Sally is now one of Your Eldercare Consultants’ inaugural Just In Case clients. “Being so far away, I wanted a back-up plan in case Mom ever needed help getting to the doctor or a better understanding of the letters she was receiving from Medicare. I think of Joan as my local eyes and ears. She checks in with Mom, of course, but I can also contact Joan at any time if something just doesn’t seem right,” says Sam.
Bill subscribed as well, more concerned for his wife than for himself. “If I were hospitalized, Joan and her team would make sure that a caregiver came in to help Lynn. They would alert our kids and keep things going until the kids could get here.”