Your Eldercare Consultants: A Resource for Families

by Joan Ente 

Independent older adults face mounting risks when their health—or memory—declines. Time brings change and the need for adjustments. When questions about care, resources, living arrangements and safety become urgent family concerns, our team of experts is poised to help.    

Families turn to us for advice on:

  • How to help parents face the need to move
  • Talking with elders who should no longer drive
  • Coming to terms with the need for home care
  • Putting trustworthy services into place
  • Managing bills, meal planning, grocery shopping, medication, paperwork, clutter and more

CJE SeniorLife proudly presents “Your Eldercare Consultants,” our geriatric care management team. Our consultants, highly trained in all aspects of senior care, understand change and all the complexities of aging. We specialize in finding solutions and strategies to help older individuals and families who are facing a myriad of transitions.

Your Eldercare Consultants offer professional services and perspectives from trained social workers and certified geriatric care managers, familiar with practical senior care and family decision-making. We collaborate with professionals throughout the Chicago area to cover all aspects of aging at home.

Your Eldercare Consultants are a trusted, dependable resource for older adults and adult children who need help in planning their loved ones’ care. Our goal is to preserve strong family ties, independence and dignity throughout older age.

For more information about Your Eldercare Consultants, visit our website