When You Have The Questions We Have The Answers

by Barbara Rabyne

I have questions about caring for an older loved one. Who can I turn to?


Your Eldercare Consultants is the new name for our professional geriatric care management service that assists older adults and their families in managing quality of life and safety issues, as they face the many transitions and challenges that occur with aging.

How can Your Eldercare Consultants help?

Your Eldercare Consultants can help find the right solutions to a variety of situations you or an older family member are facing.

Can you give me an example of a type of request that you receive?

An attorney called with concerns about his parents. His 81-year-old father has cognitive problems and difficulty walking. His 80-year-old mother struggles  with chronic back pain and macular degeneration. The son was concerned about their safety, his mother’s driving and their ability to remain living at home.

How did you handle this complex situation?

Your Eldercare Consultants developed a trusting relationship with the older couple, enabling them to discuss their concerns about driving and remaining in the home they loved. The care manager referred the father to a Parkinson’s disease specialist for proper diagnosis and medications, and then to the local senior center for enjoyable activities, thus providing the wife some time for herself. Your Eldercare Consultants arranged for alternative transportation options (enabling the mother to relinquish her car keys), for safety repairs to be completed on the house (including grab bars and handrails) and helped them find a part-time, in home, caregiver.

We live out of town, can you still help us?

A 92-year-old woman’s son and daughter both lived out of town and were unaware that she was becoming increasingly confused, living alone in her Lake Shore Drive apartment. They came in for the holidays only to discover a pile of important bills left unpaid and a lot of spoiled food in the refrigerator. Your Eldercare Consultants sorted through the avalanche of papers in her apartment and will continue visiting monthly to pay her bills. They worked with her to choose a caregiver to help with grocery shopping, meal preparation and medication reminders. They also worked with her physician to arrange home health services including nursing visits and physical therapy.

For more information about Your Eldercare Consultants, visit our website www.YourEldercareConsultants.com