Weinberg Says “Happy Mother’s Day” with Flowers

Mother's Day at Weinberg Community

CJE knows that Mother’s Day will look much different this year, and—more than ever—we send warmest wishes to mothers everywhere on their day! To help create a festive mood at Weinberg Community, residents created vibrant, lush flowers, like the one Minnie glowingly shows off. This Life Enrichment activity, led by Outreach Manager Michele Mangrum, was designed to make the residents feel especially uplifted. “Anytime you are kept from seeing a loved one is difficult,” says Mangrum, “and having the restrictions continue on Mother’s Day is really hard on everyone.”  
All of this means that everyone at CJE is making more of an effort to make the day special—maybe unforgettable—despite the tough situation we are in. Hopefully, the fact that the day is different and not normal at all for residents makes everything we do for them more meaningful. Happy Mother’s Day to the moms in our midst!