A Week at Weinberg Community in Food. Plus, a big “Thanks!” to Everyone who has Given

Recently, Weinberg experienced a week when there was an influx of food, food, and more food for the staff members who have worked “above and beyond” during this current pandemic. On one day, they enjoyed delicious food donated from City Barbeque, seen here. On the next, staff at Friend Center received these donated box lunches from the venerable Northbrook eatery, Max and Benny’s.

City BBQ

We would like to send out a great big “THANK YOU!” to all our donors of food and other gifts from the start of this pandemic when Weinberg was closed to visitors and staff had to limit exposure to the outside as much as possible. We have received many, many donations from friends and families of Gidwitz Place and Friend Center. We’re talking about: Cherie Getlin, Marina Geller-Accord, Karen Sotelo, and Ellen Grossman Stern!

Plus, restaurants and other companies have been so generous to us in this truly unprecedented time. We have recognized several already, but we want to make sure we thank the Olive Garden. We repeat our thanks to Marc Jacobs, Executive VP of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises and a Gidwitz family member, who had food sent from L Woods Restaurant. We also want to mention again Go-Go Squeeze, HHPLift, and Positive Impact. Plus, thanks to Hershey’s and Door Dash.

Max and Benny’s

Donations included various lunches, bundt cakes, ice cream, activity books, soap tins, donuts, and gift cards—all extremely appreciated. If we have left anyone out, we apologize. But that does not diminish our gratitude at all.

Thanks everybody so much!