See Why Employees Choose CJE SeniorLife

Why Employees Choose CJE

We know that today’s workers have more job options than ever before. At CJE SeniorLife, our goal is to make sure that those who are ready to “make a move” also make a conscious decision to select CJE as their next employer and then opt to stay with us for the long term—even when presented with a dizzying array of incentives, inducements, and guarantees from other organizations. That’s what being an Employer of Choice means.

Because CJE’s activities are informed by our values of Respect, Advocacy, Compassion, Intention, Innovation, and Accountability, people are aware of the uniqueness of CJE. Over time, we’ve burnished our reputation as a workplace that cherishes meaningful work and partnerships, a positive culture and work environment, and a healthy work-life balance. Thus, it’s all about CJE’s reputation—which cannot be bought—that comes from its earnest and precise adherence to its values.

Why Employees Choose CJE

As we progress in our quest to be an Employer of Choice, making it a reality means a constant and strict adherence to the following tenets.

CJE SeniorLife:

  1. Recognizes Workers’ Efforts with Thanks
    To recognize the hard work and dedication of our fellow staff members, three employees (see page 4) are nominated annually by their peers and managers to be Employees of the Year. The award—a custom framed memento that also includes a cash component—is designed to recognize employees whose commitment to CJE’s values and hard work exceeded expectations. As you will see from their stories, these employees gave a great deal of themselves so that the lives of our clients and their fellow employees were helped in some way—some at tremendous sacrifice. Congratulations to all!

  2. Promotes from Within
    To fulfill our goal to maintain a strong workforce, we reward excellence with advancement of internal candidates whenever possible. In the last six months a total of 12 employees received promotions and advanced in their careers at CJE. Congratulation to all! We have a strong commitment to internal training and mentoring, and CJE will continue with staff development activities so that more may continue to grow in their jobs.

  3. Embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
    We support all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion at CJE. DEI is at the foundation of our great organization, and we are proud of our longtime record of walking the walk. We welcome those of diverse backgrounds to CJE, always encouraging fairness and participation.

Why Employees Choose CJE

There are many other unspoken ways that CJE welcomes employees and brings them into its fold. You just need to ask a few employees to find out what it’s like to work here. They’ll be happy to tell you.

Join the CJE Team! We’ve got openings for the following: Line Cook, Maintenance, Dining Service, Receptionist, Resident Assistant, Activity Program Aide, and many more. We offer excellent benefits. Call 773.508.1000 to inquire or go to our career page at