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Now, let’s look at exercise. We should all keep our bodies moving, but especially older adults, no matter how physically able they are. Think about your goals. If you want to lose weight, there are some great exercises that burn more calories. If you want to strengthen and build muscles, there are exercises for that. As an older adult, you are encouraged to try all four types of exercise: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. But keep in mind that studies show that, for the purpose of weight loss, reducing caloric intake will have the most impact. But exercise is important for good engine performance and a well-lubricated chassis.

Endurance (aerobic) exercises are great for increasing your breathing and heart rate, which is excellent for cardiac fitness. (These are also your calorie burners.) You might think it’s too late for a strength regimen, but even very small lifting and strengthening of muscles can improve your function. If you do balance exercises regularly you can prevent those often disabling falls that so many older adults seem to experience. Flexibility (stretching) exercises increase your range of movement. These are best if you have to do sitting exercises.
Stay safe while exercising. If you are going to bicycle, use a helmet. If you want to walk, use good walking shoes and stay on well-groomed paths. Use sunscreen if there’s no shade.

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