Putting Together the Pieces of a Long Life

Gerri Trimborne, who lives at Robineau Residence, is very modest about her artwork. She creates small-scale collages and sometimes seems surprised that they come together as nicely as they do. If you ask her where she gets her inspiration for her works, she’ll tell you she attributes many things from her past to her ideas, including numerous art courses in college, horticulture courses, involvement in landscaping, and people she’s met. Camping, canoeing and backpacking added more nature to her life experience. A course in botanical drawing also informed her work.


Her collage materials come from all different sources. Magazines and cards are the major ones. She’s experimented with fabrics, spray paint, flowers, wax, paint, branches and random objects of nature. She uses these materials in different ways to form her compositions. Shards of printed pages are cut up and arranged to form abstract patterns. Letters in different typefaces are pasted down to form intriguing phrases. Some images are pasted whole like snails or planets or butterflies or fish. The most frequent motifs of the collages are from nature. Flowers, leaves, branches and fruits emblazon her canvases and intertwine with each other in graceful compositions.

This poem from Trimborne sums up her feelings

The Awe and Beauty
Of the Earth
Reside in my heart.
Leaving their prints
On everything I touch.