Poetry Bridges the Coronavirus Divide

Ernest F. and his wife Ursula are residents of Gidwitz Place. A “beshert” and special pairing, they met in 1952 at a Young Adult Dance at Congregation Rodfei Zedek in Hyde Park.  They settled in Munster Indiana and raised a family there for 47 years.

Poetry Bridges the Corona Divide

During their 66 years of marriage they have spent very little time apart, that is, until recently. In January, Ursula was injured and had to spend time in the hospital and then rehab. Though he very much missed her not being at home, it was not a terrible problem for Ernest. He would visit her two out of every three days or so, which was quite frequently. Then when Covid-19 hit, he was prevented from seeing her at all! That’s because all rehab centers and hospitals began to prohibit visitors— even immediate family—in order to stem the spread of the virus.

Ernest adjusted by calling daily but that just didn’t work well. He noticed their children sending her puzzles and all kinds of things. But that didn’t quite do it for Ernest either. He needed to find something more emotional, more expressive for his bride of 66 years. So, he started sending her  poems. Ernest says that his poems often come on a whim, and that he must be inspired. As you can see, these beautiful words were inspired by a restrictive lockdown and a terrifying pandemic, showing love and poetry conquers all.
Ernest F., Poem