Need Simple and Accessible Tips for Healthy, Empowered and Enriched Living? Try CJE LifeNOTES!

I’m afraid of clicking the wrong button on my computer …

I take a lot of medications and can’t even remember what some of them are for …

I can’t find my keys again …

I've Been what?


These simple statements may seem uncomfortably familiar to some readers. And that’s the beauty of CJE’s LifeNOTES that are targeted to our older clientele and their loved ones. They address the frequently heard refrains of older adults and their caregivers with a simplicity, clarity, and utility that have made them popular resources.

Readers use the words “topical,” “handy,” “well-needed,” and “illuminating” when describing CJE LifeNOTES. If you haven’t come across them yet, you need to know about this handy collection of short, digital digests replete with a variety of valuable bits of wisdom and advice. From information on health and wellness to technology tips, the collection of LifeNOTES presents non-intimidating facts for those who want answers. Then, you can turn to the back page of each pamphlet and find information on where to find help from CJE on the related topic.

LifeNOTES were conceived by CJE’s Community Engagement team to provide written content that utilized the decades of combined education and experience of its talented members. Furthermore, they could provide enriching information to the community as “calling cards” that could be made available and left behind at presentations and events. Prior to the pandemic, of course, CJE staff filled literature racks with them, bringing them along to their many outreach and  community events. What’s great about LifeNOTES is that they are downloadable from CJE’s website. But, if you aren’t that handy with computers, you can obtain printed copies by making a simple phone call. Although our website is chock-full of information to help older adults and caregivers navigate all their transitions, these little pamphlets add a little twist.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite options you get when “googling” common questions many people face, LifeNOTES are the perfect answer. They can be gamechangers in older adults’ constant quest for info about what’s going on in their lives or to fill small gaps in knowledge. Plus, they can be kept together in a tidy collection for frequent reference.


Aging in Place


  • I want to stay in my home, but I have some concerns about being able to do so. Read this LifeNOTE

To make it successful, planning is key.

Nearly 40% of U.S. adults 65 and older live on their ownband that number is rising!

  • I’m needing more help these days, but I don’t want to be a burden. Read this LifeNOTE

How to know when it’s time to get help and where to begin.

Family, Caregiving, and Socialization

I love spending time with them, but I’m running out of ideas.

How to discuss boundaries with adult children.

  • Connectedness: My Mom doesn’t get out much, how do I help her stay connected? Read this LifeNOTE

Isolation is a growing health epidemic. What can you do?

Being connected with others enhances health and wellbeing.

The Mind, Mood, and Wellness

If you have trouble focusing on gratitude in difficult times, you are not alone.

I thought only kids could pick up a new language.


Mindfulness is like a pause button for your brain that reduces stress and brings you into the current moment.

Is this just forgetfulness that comes with age or do I need to worry?

How to decide when to get help with mental health conditions.

Understanding sleep problems and when to seek help.

Tips and tools to improve your sleep.

Health, Pain, and Medication

How to manage and get help for pain.

Download and print your Daily Pain Diary.

  • Medication Empowerment: I take a lot of medications and can’t even remember what some of them are for! Read this LifeNOTE

Understanding your medications and using them safely is important for maintaining good health and enjoying longevity.

Managing hearing loss in older adults.

Questions and answers regarding medical marijuana for pain relief.

  • Urinary Tract Infections: I have pain when I urinate and have to go a lot. Read this LifeNOTE

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and what some of the risk factors are.

Legal Issues


  • Power of Attorney: How I can be certain my health wishes are respected? Read this LifeNOTE

The conversations to start and documents to have so your healthcare wishes are honored throughout your lifetime.

Make sure your wishes are honored throughout your lifetime and beyond.


The time when new or current Medicare users can choose to reevaluate their Medicare coverage.

  • Medicare: I’m 65 and still working. Do I need to sign up for Medicare? Read this LifeNOTE

Avoid penalties and ensure that you are covered by insurance if and when you need it.

Tech Topics

  • Cyber Scams: I’m so afraid of clicking the wrong button on  my computer. Read this LifeNOTE

How to identify and avoid cyber scams to keep your computer healthy and your info safe.

It seems like everyone is talking about fake news these days but how can I tell what is fake?

  • These technology terms confuse me—I thought cookies were a dessert! Read this LifeNOTE

Technology is a growing part of daily life. How can I feel more confident about using it?

Technology has many benefits to older adults.



A brief guide to couponing and saving money on groceries.


Remember, LifeNOTES are downloadable from our website. Just go to to access any of them. When you are on this page, there is also a web form you can fill out to receive updates when new LifeNOTES are released. You can obtain printed copies by calling 773.508.1000.