LIFE Goes On … and we owe a big shout out of “THANKS” to many!

During this current pandemic, we often hear about donations to many CJE SeniorLife locations. We are touched by unexpected gifts such as masks, soap, food, and other in-kind donations from people who spontaneously think of us when they want to help. In order to acknowledge all of them for their kindness and generosity, this space will be continuously updated with more examples of selfless giving from our many clients, friends, families, staff and neighbors.

We cannot thank you enough for thinking of us in this time of great need!

Gloria Santulan


Meals Much Appreciated!

With arms outspread and a wide smile beneath her mask, Gloria Santulan (Weinberg Dining Associate) poses with a gift-bagged display of delicious food for the camera. She and her family, that includes Administrative Assistant Jonalyn Gumaya. donated Filipino delicacies and sandwiches to the entire staff of Weinberg Community.


Thanks for the Tamales!

In another act of gastronomic generosity, Karen Sotelo (Weinberg Resident Assistant) and her mother made some tamales for Weinberg Community Staff.  Thank you!

Karen Sotelo









Helping to Protect Us.

Doris Schyman

Doris Schyman gets a big “thank you” for her generous donation of 25 homemade masks to Weinberg Community. All the staff there is extremely grateful for her thoughtful contribution to their safety.




Thanks a Bunch for Lunch!

Lunchf for Weinberg Staff

Weinberg Community staff were recently treated to a great lunch from the legendary Beacon Tap in Des Plaines. The lunch hit the spot with their famous pizza and fresh salads. Included in the delivery was a chocolate cake for dessert. Yum! And thank you Beacon!