Lieberman's New Rehab and Fitness Center Accelerate Your Recovery From Hospital To Home

Leonard, a Lieberman Center resident,
receives instruction from
Caroline Hourihan, Lead Therapist.

Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation has raised its level of care with a newly-remodeled and expanded Rehab and Fitness Center. Designed in consultation with HealthPRO Rehabilitation®, it features anti-slip, noise-dampening cork rubber hybrid flooring and the latest in rehab equipment such as new parallel bars, steps, a mat table, and a variety of modality equipment used by therapists to accomplish the necessary treatments that reduce symptoms and maximize function.

Staff with expertise in physical, occupational and speech therapies is led by Sarah Wendel, who holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. According to Wendel, the biggest enhancement to the new rehab facility is the inclusion of a complete Activities of Daily Living (ADL) apartment which helps patients to practice the real activities that they need to accomplish at home. Since 75% of Lieberman rehab patients return to their homes, they have to be able to take care of themselves.

Wendel uses the example of the five steps of food prep: Patients must get food out of the refrigerator, open it up, mix together the different ingredients, cook it and then serve it. Since food prep is such an important activity in one’s day, simply being able to put those five steps together really helps people return home faster and successfully, with more confidence.

“Lieberman Center has caring and compassionate therapists who use evidence-based practices to allow people to return home as fast as possible.”
                                                   –Sarah Wendel, Director of Rehabilitation at Lieberman Center

The ADL apartment provides all that is necessary for a person to be retrained: cupboards with dishes, drawers with utensils, appliances and more. Wendel points out that the apartment allows staff to perform good evidence-based therapy as patients practice their “activities of daily living.”

The rehab area has been enlarged to 1,600 square feet and reconfigured for optimal space usage. A larger open expanse allows different disciplines to interact together in the therapy process, producing a highly-desirable collaborative care model. For example, there are some instances where staff can do co-treatments, as when a physical therapist works on someone’s balance at the same time that an occupational therapist works with them on their ability to brush their teeth and wash their face. With this open gym model Wendel can observe how different professionals are working with the patients and can see their cooperative interactions.

Lieberman_ParallelBars_LIFEWinter 2016.fw.png
Parallel bars and exercise balls help
build strength and mobility.

Lieberman Center employs 18 full-time professional and certified therapists at the Rehab and Fitness Center. Therapy is offered seven days a week in the following three disciplines:

  1. Physical—Therapy that deals with overall mobility,including getting in and out of a chair, up and out of bed, increasing balance, building strength and walking.
  2. Occupational—Task-oriented therapy that deals with taking care of oneself, one’s home and one’s hobbies or pastimes.
  3. Speech—Therapy that works with a person’s ability to speak, process language and to eat, focusing on the muscles of the mouth and throat that need to be strengthened or coordinated.

The rehab center also provides training for the family of patients, such as showing them how to make car transfers. Therapists will also visit a patient’s home and provide home safety assessments where they make recommendations about furniture placement and check out other safety issues.

Lieberman Center’s rehab outcomes are outstanding even though our patient population is typically older and frailer than in other short-term rehab centers. Patients are often medically-complex, meaning that they have multiple medical problems that make the rehabilitation process more challenging.

Lieberman_RehabStats_LIFEWinter 2016.fw.png
Some of the tools used to help residents master the activities of daily living.

Most important is that Lieberman’s care does not stop once someone is discharged. All rehab patients receive the services of the Lieberman +30 Program, whereby a Transitional Care Nurse monitors and follows patients for a month to ensure they are managing their medications and following other post-rehab instructions. This free feature of Lieberman Center was implemented to reduce re-hospitalizations, bringing Lieberman’s re-admissions rate below the national average.

If you need rehab, you can choose where you want to go after a hospital stay. Lieberman Center features all-private rooms and has many amenities to enhance your road to recovery. Call 847.929.3320 for a tour and more information.