Lieberman Center Named One of Top 30 Nursings Homes in Illinois


Being named as one of the Top 30 Nursing Homes in Illinois is quite an achievement for Lieberman Center, because Illinois contains 735 certified Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes with a total of 90,470 available beds for skilled nursing residents.* “We believe that our beloved older adults, and their families in turn, deserve the best quality of care that we can provide,” said Lieberman Center Executive Director Scott Hochstadt. “That’s always our plan from the moment of admission, as well as our ultimate goal,” he enthuses, “and that’s why we are so proud to announce that Lieberman Center was named to this list.”

Newsweek partnered with the respected global data research firm Statista Inc. to establish a ranking of Best Nursing Homes. They analyzed over 15,000 nursing homes in the U.S. and recognized winners in 20 states. In total, the list contains 406 unique nursing homes, from three in Missouri to 63 in New York.

Methodology: The overall rating combined a 15% Reputation Survey Score and an 85% Performance Score. Within the Performance Score, the investigators rated Staffing (40%), Quality Measures (36%) and Health Inspections (24%). The Staffing score was based on measures such as RN hours per resident and total staffing hours per resident. Quality Measures took into account such standard short-term stay rates of re-hospitalization and functional improvement and long-term stay rates of pressure ulcers, UTIs and falls. Health Inspections included results of three most recent visits. All data was aggregated to come up with final rankings.


Congratulations to Lieberman on this achievement!

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