Let's Talk Diversity and Inclusion at CJE

By Dan Fagin, President and CEO

As a mission-driven organization committed to our Jewish values, we are dedicated to providing the best residential and community-based services and programs for older adults in Chicago. I know that our team members are our greatest asset, and one of the keys to CJE’s success is their diversity. Their wide range of educational backgrounds, differing life experiences and unique approaches to work help us to better understand the people we serve, who are also quite diverse. Because of the synergy generated by this mix of many minds, CJE’s employees can be more innovative in solving problems for our residents and clients which, in turn, produces better outcomes related to their health and well-being.

But at CJE, we do not judge our commitment to diversity a success just because we have so many talented people on board with such differing backgrounds. Everyone must also feel they can succeed at CJE SeniorLife and that their unique backgrounds and perspectives are truly valued. Cultivating an environment of diverse employees who are highlyengaged is essential to delivering superior results for our workplace and community. Diversity makes us stronger as both a thriving agency and a community. Our differences are not just tolerated or accepted, but valued and embraced.

Just as no organization is perfect, I want to encourage CJE to grow further in terms of its diversity and to celebrate the inclusivity of our organization. I am committed to supporting a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion, and will engage in the necessary—though sometimes challenging—dialogues that will lead to mutual understanding and progress. For CJE, tikuun olam—repairing the world—is not wishful thinking. We can achieve it by making diversity and inclusion a priority at CJE—engendering true respect and love among our colleagues and the older adults, family members and caregivers whom we serve.

Benefits of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
- Increased productivity
- Improved creativity
- Increased profits
- Improved employee engagement
- Reduced employee turnover
- Improved company reputation
- Widened range of skills
- Improved cultural insights
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