• Kosher To Go

  • You may have seen CJE’s Kosher to Go trucks buzzing around town, but have you ever wondered what they are delivering and where they are going? Kosher to Go is CJE’s premium chef-prepared meal service delivering hot and frozen cRc certified kosher meals to folks at home and to area hospitals.

    Local hospitals are thrilled to have a nearby source for kosher meals, for the patient who has an extended stay while recovering from surgery… or is only staying for one night.

    “Hospital administrators like to have a select inventory of our frozen meals on hand,” says Leon Greenberg, Manager, CJE’s Home-Delivered Meals and Kosher to Go. “Because we are so close, they can also benefit from our quick turnaround in which we can provide a particular collection of meals for individual patients.”

    “Older adults and their families also find great comfort in knowing that they have wholesome meals at hand,” says Greenberg. “While caregivers often prepare most of the meals for our clients, our fresh and delicious meals are ready to go in between visits from family or professional caregivers.”

    The menu provides a wide selection of nutritious and comfort-food options for every palate, including oven-roasted turkey breast, salmon patties, classic matzo ball and vegetarian soups, and breakfast classics like pancakes and French toast.

    If you would like to order Kosher to Go, visit or call 773.508.1000.