Ingenuity and a 3D-Printer Produce Shields of Kindness

Volunteering is something Craig Rogers, a semi-retired real estate broker, enjoys. So, when face masks became limited because of the Coronavirus, that caught his attention. Then, he saw a couple on the news making 3D-printed face shields. That got him thinking about how he could help the community. Coincidentally, when his sister passed away at the beginning of the year, he remembered that she wanted him to have her 3D printer. This was the perfect opportunity to honor her legacy and also help others.

Craig Rogers

To get the process started, Rogers contacted his brother-in-law about the printer, brought it from Indiana to Skokie, and started to “manufacture” shields. But it took 2 1/2 hours to make just one, and he knew this was not the most efficient way to produce them. He came up with a solution that might not occur to most people. He could use a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router to speed up the process. Rogers found a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file and adjusted the design. This enabled him to increase production dramatically to about 24 face shields every 30 minutes! To expand the production, he added a slightly smaller 3D printer as well. Now, face shields are being made 24/7 under constant supervision right in Rogers’ kitchen. Ultimately, Craig Rogers donated 100 face shields to Lieberman Center.

Craig Rogers’ generosity does not stop with us, since he continues to donate to many other locations. With a wife who works in a hospital, he understands the urgent need for personal protective equipment caused by widespread shortages. In addition to Lieberman Center, Rogers already made donations to various nursing homes, pharmacies, dollar stores, and an auto parts store. Rogers also sends some face shields to locations in Puerto Rico, which is where his wife is from. Whether it is internationally, nationally, or local, Craig Rogers has found a way to make a positive impact. “I wanted to do my part, “ he notes, “and I was inspired to see how others were stepping up as well!” We are glad Craig did, and CJE thanks him immensely for his donation!