Help! I’m Drowning in a Pile of Paper!

by Mary Keen

Raise your hand if you are sometimes overwhelmed by the piles of bills, newspapers, magazines, and solicitations that just seem to take over the kitchen table. Now imagine that you have just lost your husband who used to take care of it all. Or maybe your arthritis is making it difficult to open the envelopes, let alone write checks and file papers. Your Eldercare Consultants Bill Paying Service is perfect for anyone who needs some help in getting organized and paying bills or needs to be rescued from the avalanche of paper we all get in the mail.

Milded Freud-Mendelson, 95-years- young, has been using our Bill Paying Service for over two years. Millie had a successful career as a financial planner. She says she was organized in her work because there was a formal structure to her job. Plus having a super-efficient secretary didn’t hurt. Upon retiring, she started to feel snowed under by all the financial newsletters, bills, statements and junk mail she received. “You can’t imagine how psychologically disjointed you can feel going from an organized setting to a disorganized mess,” says Millie.Her care manager and “uberpaper pugilist,” Barbara Sarasin explains that “Millie feels compelled to read everything; it piles up because it doesn’t get read right away and then it doesn’t get thrown out.”

Barbara comes over once a month and they jointly examine Millie’s accumulated papers. It’s a collaborative effort: Barbara picks up a paper, asks Millie about it, discusses its disposition and places it in an appropriate pile. The cycle repeats with each item. They go thru it all, file some pieces, shred some documents and pay any bills that are due. They also go through her credit card statements and make sure the charges are legitimate. At tax time, they gather needed receipts. Working this closely for over two years, Millie and Barb share a warm relationship. “It’s been very good knowing Barb. And money well spent. She is a very efficient, nice human being,” says Millie, “I give her the highest evaluation possible.”

Bill Paying Service is available by calling Your Eldercare Consultants at 773.508.1015.