Giving a Big Boost to Hearing Ability with Eversound

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“The wireless Eversound® headphone system helps our residents hear clearly during family visits, care conversations, and group activities and events. It is a wonderful device that has been extremely helpful to them.” —Patient Care Staff,
 Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation

Weinberg Community and Lieberman Center have recently implemented the use of Eversound among its residents, an advanced portable amplification system that helps many persons with hearing loss, medical conditions, and dementia to hear better. By amplifying sound, the system helps residents who have a hearing disability stay better connected. By virtue of enhanced hearing, residents may understand more and thus become better engaged in their surroundings—important for avoiding isolation and depression. The system has been found to reduce stress and improve speech and cognitive skills among residents.

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Eversound is not only extremely useful for amplifying family and caregiver conversations and group programming, it also helps promote safe visits and meetings by enabling physical distancing—so important during these times. That’s because it can be used over a long distance—from about 200 to 300 feet. So, for family visits, everyone can be physically distanced without participants needing to shout to be heard.

How It Works.
The ergonomic Eversound system includes comfortable wireless headsets with a simple volume adjustment. Second parties, like family or staff members, are equipped with a microphone. Their speech is amplified by the system and the resident adjusts the level of amplification, making it tailored to each person’s hearing needs. Besides being used one-on-one, the system can be set up for a small group activity, like Art Therapy, by using as many as ten headsets at once. Residents can also enjoy live streamed events and on-demand videos in group settings. That way, they can all be tuned in at their preferred volume, reducing the need to have the TV “blaring” for those with major hearing loss.

How Eversound Transforms Daily Life
Residents, Friends, and Family Interactions: Visits are simplified, promoting meaningful interactions by reducing anxiety and frustration caused by not being able to hear properly.
Caregiver Communications: With improved hearing, residents are empowered to be active participants in their care, thus improving care delivery and reducing resistance.
Group Activities: Eversound enables most residents to participate at their own level of hearing need. This helps provide enhanced engagement in group programs like movies, classes, and other activities.
Prospective Resident Tours: These can become more fulfilling and informative to the prospective residents, who are able to hear and understand the tour and conversation, and, thus, participate in the decision-making process.