Friendly Caller Provides a Virtual Seat at a Zoom Seder

Passover occurred during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, and everyone was worried about how they would be able to conduct their seders and still practice social distancing. Thus, the Zoom seder was born! And little did a client of CJE know, she would be a participant in one.

Friendly Caller Provides a Virtual Seat at a Zoom Seder

CJE Volunteer Services, had always worked hard to recruit Friendly Callers who would connect by phone with isolated and homebound older adults who needed contact with the outside world. As the Covid-19 pandemic raged and the state mandated that residents stay at home, they knew their Friendly Caller needs would intensify, which they did.

Fortunately, just before the pandemic, a new volunteer, Lori, had signed up as a volunteer with the express intent to be a Friendly Caller. She was matched with Client P., someone whom they thought would benefit from an assignment of a Friendly Caller. Lori began to call her, and, after  a couple of tries, made contact. They have been enjoying their telephone exchanges ever since.  

As Passover approached, Lori arranged to hold a Zoom seder with family and friends and she graciously invited Client P. to the seder. Lori reported that Client P. gladly accepted and attended the seder, and not only that, she participated!  We can imagine that, as they attended the Zoom seder, Lori shared her family and its Jewish traditions with her new friend. But more important she shared the gift of companionship and caring, something, we are sure will not be forgotten for a long time.   

Volunteer Services has had an urgent need for Friendly Callers because of the unprecedented situation calling for people to “shelter at home.” Needless to say, this can cause tremendous fear and loneliness. Because of this, they are asking for already vetted volunteers to donate their time and become Friendly Callers. A background check must be completed. Please call 847.929.3040 or email