CJE Volunteer Starlights Making a Difference

Every year, even during the pandemic, volunteers have enhanced CJE SeniorLife’s programs and services for our older adult residents and clients by sharing their time and talents. From making well-being calls to delivering meals to leading programs in person or virtually, CJE volunteers go above and beyond to bring joy and engaging social and educational opportunities to older adults in our community.

While National Volunteer Appreciation Week runs from April 18-24 this year, we truly appreciate and wish to recognize our volunteers all year round. CJE’s Volunteer Services team has launched the Starlights project, a series of video interviews that puts the spotlight on the incredible efforts and contributions of our dedicated volunteers.

The videos capture their unique perspectives as they share why they enjoy volunteering for CJE and how the older adults and other volunteers they’ve met have impacted them. CJE volunteers are making a difference to older adults in our community every day—and we’re so thankful they’ve shared their experiences with us!

Soundbites from Our Starlights

It affects my spirit in a really positive way. I grow very close to the people that I volunteer with and it’s enriched me. —Fred Abrams.

Marguerite M

I’m used to hanging out and talking to people my age and now I’m getting a different perspective. I could really bring this back into my nursing profession. It’s a fun part of my day for me to talk to these folks. —Marguerite Myles

I’m proud of the fact that I’m a volunteer for CJE SeniorLife. I run a monthly book group on CJE Cyber Club. When people come back month after month, it makes me happy because they’re enjoying the discussion. I feel like the group is really contributing to me and giving me different perspectives. —Renee Hochberg

This work is important to me because of the relationships that I had with my grandparents…the joy that I saw when we would visit them. I’ve been making phone calls to participants of the Home-Delivered Meals program. It’s been really meaningful, and I’ve formed some beautiful relationships. —Rachel Stein

Erica X

It has a profound impact on our psychological wellbeing. People get more active and open-minded, so I believe it’s a win-win situation. —Erica Xu

Macia W

I’ve led exercise classes, been a group leader for Scrabble, and have done special projects. The people are very appreciative that you’re there. It’s just good to be able to help people and see the smile on their faces. —Marsha Weitzman

This has been a good way for me to make a connection that really means something to somebody who feels isolated. Aging is now, in my mind, more connected with wisdom. In many ways, I feel as though my client is a mentor. —Stephen Starr

Jay L

Part of my volunteer responsibilities is to conduct Yiddish Tish once a week over Zoom. By getting involved with CJE...you see people who are completely isolated and this really is a lifeline. —Jay Lewkowitz


Would you like to hear more from our volunteers? Watch videos featuring CJE Volunteer Starlights on our website at cje.net/volunteer or on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/cjeseniorlife. Tune in for more videos by subscribing to our channel!



To learn more about volunteering with CJE SeniorLife, please reach out to CJE Volunteer Services by emailing volunteers@cje.net or calling 773.508.4232.

Thank you!

In celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we want you know how grateful and uplifted we are by your dedication and service to CJE SeniorLife.