CJE Volunteer Donates Masks, and Masks, and More Masks!

The 100 masks shown here are just the tip of the iceberg—a fraction of the masks that  CJE volunteer Mary S. ultimately donated to CJE. Marla Goldberg, CJE Volunteer Coordinator, coordinated a “contact-free” pickup from Mary, who planned to provide more masks at our housing facilities as well!

CJE Volunteer Donates Masks, and Masks, and More Masks!

It all started back on March 27 when Mary called the Volunteer Services line and left a message inquiring about our need for masks. Mary seemed to anticipate the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment)  that was facing everyone. Mary said she was a seamstress from an early age and that she was offering her hand-made face masks to different people and facilities. Mary sewed the first 50 masks for Marla, and these were gratefully accepted by CJE staff. Mary answered an addition request, and she supplied an additional 50 masks, which again were distributed to staff.

All the masks were thoughtfully crafted using recommended interfacing and an insert of a simple twist-tie to bend to the shape of the nose—a modest, but novel solution for creating optimal protection. The cheerful and colorful patterns of the masks belie their crisp, professional stitching and protective utility.

Mary, who lives in the area with her husband and is recently retired, is considered an extraordinary CJE volunteer, going above and beyond. She does have a connection to CJE, telling us that her father had utilized CJE to obtain some caregiving assistance in the past.

See Exhibit 2 on our Life Goes On website page to see the totality of Mary’s donation.  We all send a huge “THANK YOU” to her!