CJE Is Now Operating Virtual Reality Tours to the Holy Land!

CJE Is Now Operating Virtual Reality Tours to the Holy Land

Some curious, adventurous folks will be traversing the salty sands of the desert land of Israel and become immersed in the sights and sounds of the Homeland’s rich history and culture.

And they will do it in one hour by signing up for a special program being offered at the Bernard Horwich JCC on Touhy Avenue in Chicago. Called Instant Israel and using the latest Virtual Reality technology, they will experience the sights and sounds of the Holy Land—from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv—without leaving the comfort and safety of a chair.

How does Virtual Reality (VR) work? VR all started with flight simulation, which has been used for pilot training. Now it’s often used for recreational activities. Individuals have their own viewing headset, designed with special computer technology, that allows the participant to see images that practically transport them to another place. For our Instant Israel opportunity, locations in Israel are captured as imagery, manipulated with software and presented to us in a way that will make you suspend belief and accept them as real environments or, in this case, our travel destination.

By putting on a special Oculus® headset, you will be “whisked away” to a place that feels so real, you may even forget that you are sitting in a chair at the JCC! It’s more immersive than watching a movie; instead, it will feel like you are actually stepping into a different world. Few words are available to describe the trip you will take on our free virtual reality tours of Israel. Imagine putting on a headset and finding yourself on the ancient ruins of Masada overlooking the lowest point on earth—the Dead Sea!

 CJE Is Now Operating Virtual Reality Tours to the Holy Land!

Instant Israel is intentionally designed to provide you with the opportunity to reminisce about your travel experiences and inspire lively conversations between generations which, according to emerging research, can contribute to an increase in brain activity.

Sessions are open to all residents and community members age 55 years plus. You do not need any prior experience or special physical capability to participate, but we do not recommend it for those with a history of seizures or vertigo (loss of balance). Instant Israel is made possible due to a grant from the JUF Breakthrough Fund.

Tour Instant Israel for FREE at Horwich Center at 1 pm from now until May. But you must REGISTER first.

During this Winter Issue sessions will be held: December 3, 2019 | January 7, 2020 | February 4, 2020

Volunteers of all ages are needed to bring this enchanting experience to life for older adults who are going on a virtual tour. If you have traveled to Israel before and would like to be a “tour guide,” or you’re ready to “take a tour,” please register with Casey Shipman at casey.shipman@cje.net or call 773.508.1312.