The CJE Advantage: Adding Value to the CJE Experience

What is the CJE Advantage? A checking account? A rewards program?


For the last several years, we have included a “call out” in many of our communications materials about The CJE Advantage, describing it as: Our full continuum of care offering people of all ages, faiths and incomes access to life-enriching opportunities, resources and healthcare. Our Jewish values make us the provider of choice for enhancing lives and navigating the positive aging process.

Why do we place such a HUGE focus on this? By choosing CJE, individuals—at almost every life stage—can tap into our comprehensive network of 35-plus programs and services to receive personalized support, guidance and direct care from experts in the field of aging. Individuals might choose to participate in a single program, or they might “consume” several of our offerings along our Continuum of Care. By our Continuum of Care, we mean care that covers the delivery of services and care over a period of time. Our Continuum of Care will vary for each person depending upon his or her unique needs. Our residential Continuum of Care includes Independent Housing, Assisted Living, Short-Term Care and Long-Term Care. There are many other programs and services that are provided in the community, such as Adult Day Services, Home-Delivered Meals or Transportation.

The benefits to our clients of offering a deep and wide network of care are many: A person living at Weinberg Community in Deerfield who needs rehabilitation after surgery may choose to recover at Lieberman Center in Skokie. Someone in our Independent Housing apartments can order Kosher to Go meals as a convenience. A person with Alzheimer’s disease who requires a higher level of care than what is provided in our community-based Adult Day Services in Evanston, could be safer in Dementia Special Care at Lieberman Center.

Most importantly, we strive for inclusivity. The CJE Advantage explicitly states that we provide help for persons of all ages, faiths and income levels. Finally we emphasize our commitment to our Jewish values of respect, advocacy, compassion, intention, innovation and accountability that guide us in all we do. CJE is much more than 35-plus great programs and services. That’s The CJE Advantage!

The CJE Advantage: 35-Plus Programs and Services Plus Much More