Catch The Volunteer Spirit

National Volunteer Week (April 23-29) is a week of recognition for the many people who give generously of their time and resources to a huge variety of causes. The week is used to bring awareness to the contributions of volunteers and to encourage more people to donate their time to a local, national, or global cause. At CJE, volunteers do a lion’s share of work to help our staff in serving our clients, patients and community members. And we are thankful for their dedication, devotion and support of our enduring mission to enrich the lives of older adults.

As you can imagine just by my job title, volunteering is close to my heart. The Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (Hebrew for “world repair”) teaches us that we must go out and fix the world through acts of loving kindness (g’milut hasadim). It is this fundamental Jewish value that inspires our many CJE volunteers to give of their time and engage in our community. This connection to community and individuals is particularly relevant in this challenging time.

CJE is rich with prospective volunteer activities that will enable you to share your passion and at the same time give the gift of enrichment and engagement to so many. Ways that CJE SeniorLife volunteers share their time and talents have included: leading a poker group, writing an oral history, serving a delicious ice cream treat, transporting a resident to a program, performing a musical recital, delivering a meal to the home of an older adult, visiting a resident on a regular basis and making a friendly well-being call. But this list represents just a fraction of the opportunities available to interested volunteers. We can fill you in on many others.
Last year volunteers of all ages served over 20,000 hours at CJE! Won’t you help us increase that number of hours and spend some time adding to the vitality of the lives of older adults? The rewards for everyone involved are tremendous.