Against all Odds Lieberman Provides a Room for a Mother

The daughter wept with relief when staff at Lieberman Center handled her mother’s admission with empathy and consideration. She was overcome with gratitude for the kindness with which she and her mother were treated after coming up against seemingly impermeable barriers to arranging proper care. Her mother was being discharged from a nearby hospital and had nowhere safe to go in the pandemic. Working with Joan Ente (pictured here) and Your Eldercare Consultants, a search for solutions began.

Joan Enty

Mrs. M., a frail 90-year-old woman, suffers from advanced dementia and requires round-the-clock care. For years, her elderly husband was her primary caregiver, with only a bit of supplemental help from personal care workers. He lovingly watched over his wife until, tragically, he developed symptoms of CovID-19; within days, he succumbed. Overnight, his wife was widowed and left alone with no one to coordinate her care. She was admitted to a local hospital and tested for the virus.

Upon burying her father, Mrs. M’s daughter found herself in charge of planning for her mother, and she was jolted into action. Once called upon to help, Your Eldercare Consultants received consent to work directly with hospital discharge planners. After many false starts and acting as the patient’s vocal advocate, Ente secured a bed at Lieberman Center. “Lieberman Center staff displayed compassion and commitment to the family in their time of greatest need,” said Joan. “Minerva Santiago and the Admissions team expedited the placement, arranged safe transfer, and did everything possible to make things easier for Mrs. M’s grieving family”.

The Coronavirus has profoundly impacted patients who require ongoing treatment post-hospitalization. There are few safe havens for those in need of specialized, quality long-term care. Joan Ente described this as “a most challenging case,” but found it a privilege to assist the family, who did not know where to turn. With the resources of CJE, a difficult situation was made better in so many ways. To help answer legal questions, Ente connected the daughter with an eldercare attorney for phone consultation about managing costs of care. She partnered with CJE’s free Consumer Assistance service to sort out thorny and complicated insurance details.

Your Eldercare Consultants came through for this good family, and we are so glad to have been there for them when it mattered. Going forward, Mrs. M’s family can count on Lieberman Center for the certified dementia care she needs. May the memory of Mr. M., husband and father, family patriarch, and loving caregiver, be for a blessing.