Getting the Pulse on Healthcare at CJE

by Mary Keen

"Overall, CJE’s healthcare in its different locations is outstanding. At Lieberman, the staff is bright and compassionate, and every quality improvement effort that I’ve ever suggested was supported. At both the assisted and independent living facilities, I see a strong sense of community. CJE seems to have overcome the chief problem afflicting today’s elderly—isolation and loneliness."
—Dr. Noel DeBacker, Lieberman Center Medical Director

When selecting a skilled nursing residence for long-term care or short-term rehabilitation, older adults and their loved ones often consider architectural appointments, amenities like room refrigerators and the quality of the food. While these may be important— and are abundantly present at CJE SeniorLife—high-quality healthcare should be the first item on any list. Older persons need and respond to highly-specialized care that only well-trained health professionals can provide. It is a big part of residents’lives: According to national statistics, residents of skilled nursing centers receive an average of 3.7 hours of direct nursing care per day.*

As a provider of care for older adults for over forty years, healthcare excellence has been a priority for CJE. Providing leadership in all of CJE’s healthcare endeavors is Noel DeBacker, M.D., Lieberman Center's Medical Director. Dr. DeBacker has a distinguished career, with extremely noteworthy expertise in directing skilled nursing care and medical administration. He was named Medical Director of the Year in 2012.(See profile article)

The major hub of CJE’s skilled healthcare is Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation, where several levels of care are available. Following a hospital stay, Medicare-approved short-term rehabilitation at Haag Pavilion is often the first stop for patients before transitioning home. This month, Lieberman
is launching its Center for Heart Health, a special wing of Haag Pavilion, for patients with congestive heart failure. But Lieberman also offers long-term care for those with complex medical needs. Examples of Lieberman Center’s advanced healthcare offerings are: Alzheimer’s Special Care, Wound Care Service, Parkinson’s Disease Program, Respite Care and Palliative Care.

All medical care at Lieberman Center is outcome-driven, that is, ocused on measuring results to fully document a patient’s progress. It is also multidisciplinary, comprehensive and focused on reducing hospital readmissions.

Lieberman Center uniquely provides the services of a physiatrist (a board-certified rehabilitation physician) and nurse practitioner. Associate Medical Director, Vadim Edelstein, M.D. and Lieberman’s core team of physicians—Boris Sheynin, M.D., Wolf Peddinghaus, M.D., Tessa Fischer, M.D., Barbara Brotine, M.D., and Seema Elahi, M.D.—are at the forefront in providing evidence-based, patient-centered care. Other health team members include a gerontologist, social workers, art therapists and physical therapists. In addition, Lieberman has over 30 physicians (withspecialties ranging from family practice,internal medicine, oncology and surgery) with privileges to admit and monitor patients.

The Executive Director of Lieberman Center, Ron Benner, M.B.H.A., R.N., L.N.H.A. , describes what sets Lieberman Center apart from other skilled nursing facilities: “With the continuum of care we offer on all degrees of the healthcare spectrum, we have the valuable ability to look at innovations in the standards of care as they evolve over time and are able to improve our services by implementing those innovations.”

Other CJE locations and programs are distinguished by their strong emphasis on patient-centered healthcare. At Weinberg Community for Senior Living, medical care is under the leadership of Dr. Jory Natkin, who is board-certified in family practice, specializing in adult medicine. Weinberg Community’s Gidwitz Place has professional, experienced nurses and social workers who create personal service plans to enable maximum good health. The Friend Center for Memory Care, also located at Weinberg Community, provides medical care for persons with early- to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive or memory impairments. Friend Center staff includes a full-time registered nurse and a licensed clinical social worker.

Adult Day Services (ADS) programs, available in multiple locations, have access to both a full-time registered nurse (for dispensing medication and health promotion and education) and a licensed clinical social worker (for individualized care plans and emotional support). The ADS programs are designed for two levels of care: persons who have mild social, physical, emotional or cognitive needs, including early to mid-stage dementia; and persons with mid- to late-stage Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Licensed art therapists are available at many locations.

The range and quality of regular and specialized care we provide across the healthcare spectrum exceeds the standard of care. Medical leadership, working in step with our talented and compassionate staff, is a critical component in meeting quality goals. But, besides CJE SeniorLife’s objective to provide the highest quality healthcare, we are also committed to caring for the whole person by healing body, mind and spirit. We respect and promote our patients’ need
for dignity, control, privacy, security,identity and personal attention, in accordance with the values of CJE.

*Harrington, et al, “Nursing Facilities, Staffing, Residents and Facilities.”

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of LIFE, CJE SeniorLife's quarterly magazine.