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In this LIFE issue, we continue to unveil more about CJE’s historic contributions to the Jewish Community and share highlights about our new, innovative programs and partnerships.

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Did you know that CJE offers a stellar continuum of services on one campus in Deerfield? Discover, the  Weinberg Community for Senior Living and Tamarisk NorthShore,  communities providing a rich lifestyle with an abundance of life enrichment programming, flexible dining, and wellness classes—along with beautiful outdoor spaces, modern apartments, and caring staff.

CJE SeniorLife has partnered with Elderwerks Educational Services to launch the first virtual reality dementia program that combines skills training with real-life obstacles in a virtual environment. Learn more about our new educational tool for professionals caring for older adults with dementia.

In the context of aging, planning for the unknown is essential. As we get older, the likelihood of experiencing dementia, frailty, or falls increases, which often forces older adults and their loved ones to make difficult caregiving choices.

Learn how to make put together plans for how we want to live in older adulthood and the types of care we want to receive, so that families able to make urgent caregiving decisions on our behalf in the wake of health crises.

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