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In this issue we give you an inside look at the many creative pursuits of our patients and clients who still continue to make art and pursue their passions. You'll be amazed by their productivity and engagement.

Learn about Gidwitz Place's Ambassador Program that was developed to help residents settle into their new community. See how it has exceeded expectations.

See how CJE's friendly caller program united two women of vastly different backgrounds and how they became fast friends.

The cover article for this issue, features a 95-year-old Nancy Weinberg a Lieberman resident who continues to paint despite many physical obstacles. After taking up painting at the urging of a Lieberman Center Art Therapist, Nancy Weinberg paints her many heroes--political and cultural icons who changed the world in big and small ways. You might find them rather obscure, so we thought it'd be fun to ask you to identify them. Watch our Facebook page for more information.


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