Testimonials & Appreciation

I just wanted to give a shout out to the school groups/kids that create these amazing Birthday cards for our HDM clients. The talent and time that is put into these cards is very touching. These young people should be looking for a career at Hallmark. Also the words that are in these cards just warm our client’s hearts. Keep up the great work.  Blessing to these warm souls.Mimi                                                                                                                                            

Always a new surprise, always a new idea to enrich our lives. The programs and events you’ve made available to us these last months have been an outstandingly welcome component while in isolation. In this time when trying to retain some semblance of life as we knew it CJE has been invaluable. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.Mr. and Mrs. S.


Thank you so much for these virtual programs! Very uplifting for all of us. I'm looking forward to the next one.M.W.

Please, please pass on to the Lyric participants in today’s program how much we enjoyed each and every piece. Each performer gifted us with some of our favorites for our 64th. anniversary. Memorable!D.S.

YC was very grateful to receive Friendly Calls from a CJE volunteer, and she describes the weekly conversations and their impact: “She always asked me how I was doing. But she also talked a lot. She didn’t just call and say ‘Hi how are you?’ and then hang up. It wasn’t like that at all. She really wanted to talk to me and get to know me.  And she helped me a great deal. You see, when you live alone like I do, you can get lonely. So, it’s really nice to talk to someone. Plus, just to know that someone's checking on you means so much. This emotional support that I received from her was very valuable. I believe we all need to have caring and love – it’s so important! Normally, I don’t expect anyone to do things for me. But CJE and my Friendly Caller helped me in many ways. The Friendly Caller program shows how much CJE cares for the well-being of older people in their homes. And I am so thankful for it!”Anonymous Client

While you all deserve praise, I must truly commend your team of volunteer callers. So, to you, our Friendly Callers: as many of us know from experience, calling our own mothers can be a challenge at times, but calling someone else’s? You are all mensches!! I’d like you all to know that we review all of your notes on behalf of your senior’s comments/concerns and we always reach out to them. What you are all doing is truly a mitzvah, and while there are those seniors who are not fond of a friendly call, knowing you’ve buoyed just one person’s spirits should alleviate such concern. It is easy for all of us within Home Delivered Meals to get lost in the “work” of the department; from coordinating routes for drivers, cooking and packing meals, freezing off our tuchus’ in the walk-in freezer, working with other organizations within our industry, government reporting, all the computer work and data entry. While we regularly talk to our clients on a daily basis, some way more than others, we don’t always have the opportunity to stop and kibbitz with them, something I know many of our seniors like to do. For taking up that slack, again we thank you!Leon