Emergency Department Eldercare Navigators (EDEN)

Would you like to become a trusted guide for Older Adults in the Glenbrook Hospital's Emergency Department? Join EDEN: Emergency Department Eldercare Navigators.

Emergency Room visits can take a damaging toll on older adults, and can magnify anxiety and fear, especially when family members live far away or are unavailable, but these problems can be remediated. We have a volunteer opportunity called EDEN which will provide assistance, and a calming influence, and will improve communication when an emergency department visit is required.

As an EDEN Volunteer you will provide the caring and compassion and we will provide training in all the following:

  • Listening to and communicating
  • Patient advocacy
  • Common health issues among older adults, with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders
  • Stress reduction techniques and applications for dementia sufferers
  • Familiarity with Hospital’s Emergency Department
  • Confidentiality and Ethics

To apply to join our team of trained volunteer patient navigators please fill out our application and return to volunteers@cje.net.

This project was funded by the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care.