Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does CJE have a rabbi and what are the rabbi’s qualifications and responsibilities?  

A. Yes,  Michelle Stern is CJE’s rabbi, and she is certified as a chaplain and pastoral care provider by the National Association of Jewish Chaplains.

The rabbi’s responsibilities include pastoral care and consultation, leading of some religious services and rituals, provision of ritual needs, and Jewish education.


Q. Where and when are religious services held?

A. Services are held at Gidwitz Place at Weinberg Community for Senior Living  in Deerfield and services are also held at some of CJE’s other sites as well.  Services at Gidwitz Place are held on these days and times:

  • Shabbat Services:
    • Friday evenings at 6:45 p.m.
    • Saturday morning  at 10 a.m.
  • High Holiday services (times vary)
  • Morning and some evening services are held for most other Jewish holidays


Q. Is there a fee for attending services at a CJE location?

A. In general, there is no fee for attending weekly religious services at CJE locations, but donations are always welcome. There is a nominal fee for family members attending High Holiday services at Weinberg Community.


Q. How are Jewish holiday and ritual needs of residents at CJE sites met?

A. There are many ways CJE’s Religious Life staff  provide for shabbat, holiday, and ritual needs for residents of Weinberg Community and other sites.  Some include:

  • Shabbat: communal Kiddushes
  • High Holidays: blowing the shofar  
  • Sukkot: building a sukkah and waving of Lulov and Etrog
  • Chanukah: communal candle lightings
  • Tu B’Shevat: Holding Seders
  • Purim: Megillah readings
  • Passover: Holding Seders
  • Other: Holiday celebrations and parties


Q. I am not Jewish. How are my holiday and ritual needs met?

A. Religious Life staff meet the holiday and ritual needs for those who are not Jewish in several ways.  These include:

  • Coordinating services lead by a local minister for Easter and Christmas
  • Inviting local ministers and other religious leaders  to visit and provide for ritual needs such as communion.


Q. Who certifies CJE’s food as kosher?

A. Dining and catering provided by Weinberg Community is rabbinically-approved and CJE’s Home-Delivered Meals are cRc kosher.


Q. Does CJE have any Jewish Learning classes for adults?

A. Yes, Adult Jewish Learning takes place in many of our locations, with subjects like Bible and prayer study, Jewish history and philosophy, and modern Jewish culture and practice. These can be:

  • On-going classes taught by our own rabbi, as well as other teachers
  • One-time classes and seminars periodically presented by prominent rabbis, lecturers, and teachers in the Jewish community
  • Jewish-themed classes and activities, including Yiddish, on CJE Cyber Club


Q. What Jewish cultural programs are provided at CJE programs and locations?

A. All CJE programs and residential locations provide a variety of programs, entertainment and discussion  which are steeped in Jewish culture and tradition.  These may include programs and entertainment which highlight:

  • Jewish and Yiddish music
  • Israeli music and dance
  • Films with Jewish themes
  • Creative Arts programming that incorporates Jewish themes
  • Other


Q. How can I contact the Rabbi/Chaplain

A. Call our SeniorLine at 773.508.1000 to contact the Rabbi.