Tel Aviv Israeli Shopping Spree

Immerse your senses at Levinsky Market, check out the arts and crafts at Nachalat Binyamin, stroll historic Rothschild Boulevard and Kedumim Square for high end shopping.

Kedumim Square

Kedumim Square is the main square of Old Jaffa. Below it is the Jaffa History Museum, an archeological site with third century catacombs and artifacts from the time of Jesus. To the East, lies the Mediterranean Sea and to the North West is St. Peter’s Church, the main Franciscan Church of Jaffa. During the summer, the Square hosts performances including Old Jaffa Nights music festival.

Nachalat Binyamin

Located next to Carmel Market, Nachalat Binyamin is the largest arts and crafts market in Israel, showcasing items from around the country. What started as a small market in 1987 has grown to include over 200 vendors. All pieces are required to be original, handmade works and sold by the artist for a one of a kind experience. Bauhaus buildings surround the market as part of the White City.

Levinsky Market

Established in the 1930s by Greek immigrants, the Levinsky Market is the spice hub of Tel Aviv. Its maze of burlap sacks from Greece to China showcases the vibrant flavors and cultures of Israel’s immigrants. Covering five blocks, guided tours are available at the Market to try Turkish cheeses, Greek olives, Ouzo, salted fish, pastries and more.

Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard is one of Tel Aviv’s oldest streets and main tourist attractions. Its historic Bauhaus buildings form the heart of the “White City” of Tel Aviv, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 1925 Lederberg House features large ceramic murals and the Boulevard is home to Tel Aviv’s financial district. Along the Boulevard is Habima Theater, Israel’s national theatre, and Fredric Mann Auditorium, home to Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Originally named Rehov HaAm, residents requested a change to Rothschild after the generous French banking dynasty. One of the houses built in 1909 was home to one of Tel Aviv’s sixty founding families and in 2007, the French Institute purchased and restored it. The Boulevard underwent major renovations in 2005 and residents began moving back and revitalizing the area. In 2013, Absolut Vodka designed a special bottle dedicated to Tel Aviv’s boulevard skylines including Rothschild.

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