Animals of Israel Tour

Marvel at Arabian camels in their desert habitat and stroll through Jerusalem’s Tisch Family Zoological Gardens to see Afro-Asiatic animals mentioned in the Torah.


Camels were once a major part of trade and travel in the Middle East which eventually led to the Silk Road trade route into Asia. Perfectly adapted for desert life, camels can go many months without water and have multiple layers of eyelids and eyelashes to protect from sand. Camels can be found on five continents; however, wild camels are largely endangered. Camel racing has become popular in some Arab countries.

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens

Commonly known as The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, the Zoo is famous for its collection of animals mentioned in the Torah. Today, the Zoo has over 2,000 animals and has successfully bred eleven endangered species that disappeared from Israel including fallow deer, addax and Syrian brown bears. Food is provided free to the Zoo’s animals and is in accordance with Jewish law. The Zoo emphasizes environmentalism through exhibits, recycled water and composting. In 2013, the Zoo released a mobile app that includes GPS navigation inside the Zoo, daily feeding schedules and more. On Tu Bishvat, the Zoo hosts a tree planting ceremony and on Purim the Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team plays tug of war with the Zoo’s elephant, who always wins.

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