Instant Israel

Instant Israel is a fun and innovative program designed for “travelers” of all ages to explore together the extraordinary sites of Israel through the use of virtual reality technology. 

Instant Israel utilizes Oculus® headsets’ 360-degree and 3D wide angle panoramic imagery, along with audio, to provide participants with the thrilling feeling of being instantly transported to Israel.

This multisensory program is a unique blend of educational engagement and socialization between generations, as they share the enlightening experience of a virtual trip to the Homeland.

Panoramic Views Tour

View the Old City atop the Mount of Olives, see the Tel Aviv skyline from the Azrieli Observatory and view the vast Judean Desert from Masada’s peak.

Waterways Tour

Stroll the length of Tel Aviv on HaTayelet boardwalk, take in centuries old Jaffa Port and bask in the sun’s rays at the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem Tour 1

Wonder at the Old City from afar on the Mount of Olives, from the top of the Tower of David, from a local’s perspective in the Jewish Quarter and up close at the Western Wall.

Jerusalem Tour 2

Stroll through the Old City Gates over centuries, wander the Christian Quarter’s holy sites, shop at The Shuk and view the Golden City from Mount Scopus.

Biblical Tour

Take a page from the Good Book and visit the Mount of Olives like thousands of Jews and Christians every year, see animals mentioned in the Torah, view Jerusalem from the Tower of David and traverse the Masada ruins.

Tel Aviv Tour 1

Walk the Rothschild Boulevard drag, visit Jaffa Clock Tower, find bargains at Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and stroll the HaTayelet boardwalk along the Mediterranean Sea.

Tel Aviv Tour 2

Feel the ocean breeze at Jaffa Port, find unique treasures at Jaffa Flea Market, see the White City on Dizengoff Street and take in the sights and smells of Levinsky Market.

Tel Aviv Tour 3

Discover one of a kind crafts at Nachalat Binyamin, take in Tel Aviv’s vista from Azrieli Observatory, stroll through Old Jaffa’s Kedumim Square and visit HaTachana, the Middle East’s first train station.

Masada Tour

Take in the immense, mountainous desert at the Masada Lookout and view the well-preserved and historic palaces and ruins of King Herod.

Tel Aviv Israeli Shopping Spree

Immerse your senses at Levinsky Market, check out the arts and crafts at Nachalat Binyamin, stroll historic Rothschild Boulevard and Kedumim Square for high end shopping.

Taste of Israel Tour

Haggle with vendors at Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, view Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, get up close with Arabian camels and stroll through the Old City Gates to experience morning prayers at the Western Wall.

Animals of Israel Tour

Marvel at Arabian camels in their desert habitat and stroll through Jerusalem’s Tisch Family Zoological Gardens to see Afro-Asiatic animals mentioned in the Torah.

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