Virtual Storytelling

CJE SeniorLife’s Community Engagement Team invites you to join us as we embark on a virtual storytelling journey. 

Each day we will provide a writing prompt that will bring about a personal story in you. 

A story that can be a daily source of joy, reflection or a time to reminisce.  Getting some of our life stories down on paper not only helps us keep our minds and memories fresh, it helps us feel connected to our roots and to each other.  We encourage you to begin to build a book of your memories, a gift you will cherish and that can be shared with family and friends.  


  • Please write a short essay from the writing prompt below (500 word limit or approximately 1-2 pages)

  • Be sure to include a beginning, middle and end to your story as well as any details that might enhance the story you are sharing.

  • Write from the heart.  If you feel stuck, just start writing and see where it takes you.  Have fun!

The writing prompt for today is:

  • "The first time I voted..."

For example do you remember the year and who you voted for? What was going on in the world at that time? What motivated you to cast your vote? And how did the voting process differ from today?



Other writing prompts from the past :

  • "Teen tunes and times..."

For example, what were your teen years like? Who were your friends? What tunes were popular? What did you do for fun?
  • "My childhood chores were ..."

For example, we all probably had some type of chores, what were they? On a farm, around the house? Helping a neighbor? Were innovations developed later in life to replace them or make them easier today?
  • "Behind the wheel..."

For example, who taught you how to drive? How old were you? Where were you? What type of car? Was it an exciting or nerve racking experience?
  • "When I was young, I wanted to grow up to be a..."

For example, did you dream of being a nurse, a doctor or scientist? Did any pan out? What did you end up doing?
  • "In my childhood, I loved to play..."

For example, was there a game you played regularly by yourself, with siblings or with your family? Or an outside activity you played with the neighborhood kids?
  • "One of the best vacations I ever took..."

As it snows on this Spring day of March 23, let's reminisce about one of the best vacations you ever took!  Where did you go?  Who were you with?  What was so special about it?  Share the good details and take your readers with you! 
  • “How I ended up in Chicago” (or your current location).  

This is a great way to share why you live where you do and can be a fun introduction with others.  For example, you can write about how you might have been born here, or moved here for a job, a partner or some other reason.


Please check back again for your next daily writing prompt! 


Thank you for joining us and feel free to email with any questions, comments or to share your story.


Thank you and stay healthy!