Life Enrichment

Scientific research has discovered that a challenged, stimulated brain may be the key to living longer with fewer mental, emotional and physical challenges.

As 78 million Boomers prepare to redefine their own retirement, there is significant documentation that staying active and "engaged with life can reduce the rate of cognitive decline up to 70 percent in people with frequent social contact than those with low social activity.

We are finding that a satisfying retirement is no longer centered around sitting in a rocking chair. Older adults thrive on finding meaning and purpose in their later years. Throughout CJE SeniorLife's continuum of care, we invite community members to attend our programs in order to learn, grow and have fun.  CJE's Life Enrichment Programming is intended to enhance the lives of older adults with a wide variety of informative, educational and engaging programs.  The benefits gained from the trifecta of a proactive lifestyle,  active mind and physical activity are enormous.  

In addition, CJE's mission of enhancing the lives of older adults is based on the Jewish values of respect, advocacy, compassion, innovation, intention and accountability.  This means that CJE SeniorLife takes a holistic approach to the well-being of older adults. In the tradition of Maimonides, we recommend that you explore CJE's broad array of cultural and educational enrichment opportunities that take place in our residences or at a variety of locations throughout the city and suburbs.  There’s something for everyone… creative arts, religious services, lectures on hot topics of the day, book discussion groups, health fairs, social gatherings with lifelong learning classes… that can contribute to improving your mind, body and spirit.

Our philosophy:  Staying active and “engaged with life” is an important component of healthy aging.
So check out our calendar of events to find out what is happening near you.


CJE Cyber Club

Check out the CJE Cyber Club regularly for a variety of virtual educational programs and activities for older adults, including live events via Zoom, an array of educational videos, and other online resources to stay active mentally and physically at home!


Tips on healthy, empowered and enriched living.
CJE LifeNOTES are convenient, downloadable digital digests containing valuable wisdom and information gleaned from the decades of combined education and experience of our Community Engagement Team.

Community Engagement

Living well is the result of achieving balance among the different areas of your life. CJE SeniorLife’s Community Engagement Team can help you fully engage with life by improving your mind, spirit and body.

CJE strives to help 20,000 older adults lead healthy and independent lives.
Your contribution will allow us to do so for many years to come.


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