Mental Health Toolkit

This video series is designed to improve life balance. In each video, a CJE clinician teaches a new skill or concept to promote a positive mood, reduce anxiety, and increase self-compassion.


How to use alternate-nostril breathing to help calm the body and the mind

Alternate-nostril breathing can help calm the body and the mind by lowering blood pressure, fear, and anxiety. In this video, Vera Rodriguez Mancera, LPC, a care manager with CJE SeniorLife , will show you a simple breathing technique that you can use when feeling overwhelmed or anxious to help calm your mind and body.






Как использовать попеременное дыхание через нос, чтобы помочь успокоить тело и разум

Дыхание через ноздри может помочь успокоить тело и разум, снизив кровяное давление, страх и тревогу. В этом видео Вера Родригез Мансера, LPC, ведущая в CJE SeniorLife, покажет вам простую технику дыхания, которую вы можете использовать, когда чувствуете себя подавленным или встревоженным, чтобы помочь успокоить свой разум и тело. Это часть серии видеороликов "Ваш набор инструментов для психологического здоровья", предназначенных для улучшения жизненного баланса.




How to become more active in problem-solving.

PEARLS stands for Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives and it is an evidence-based approach to reduce symptoms of depression through active problem-solving. In this video, Sharon Dornberg-Lee, LCSW, Clinical Director of Community Services at CJE, will introduce you to one of the central skills of the PEARLS program. Active problem solving can help counteract some of the challenges of depression. When people get depressed, they often become more passive in the face of life’s problems. The more inactive one becomes in facing problems, the more depressed they can get and the more hopeless they feel. The problem-solving approach can help to break this cycle that occurs with depression.



How to change unhelpful thought patterns to improve your mood.

Did you know that how we think and behave can impact how we feel? And, by changing unhelpful thinking patterns we can improve our mood. This takes some practice, and in this video Katie D’Aunno, LCSW, a therapist with CJE counseling services will introduce you to a technique called “cognitive restructuring.” This comes from cognitive behavioral therapy and includes three skills: 1) to notice unhelpful thinking patterns, 2) challenge these thought patterns, 3) and change to a more balanced way of thinking.





How to do box breathing to help calm your nervous system.

Intentional, deep breathing can calm your nervous system and help you find emotional balance, especially during times of tension or stress. In this video, Kate Maley, LSW, a therapist with CJE SeniorLife Counseling Services, will show you a simple breathing technique that you can use when feeling overwhelmed or anxious to help calm your mind and body.







This video series is supported by the Jewish United Fund.