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Insights on Aging: Embrace Thanksgiving: Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

As we near Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to welcome fresh ideas and positive practices into our lives. Adopting the practice of gratitude can lead to reduced stress, better emotion regulation, and improved health. Participants will leave with practical self-care tools that they can start incorporating into their daily lives and routines.






Insights on Aging: Write Your Story

Has anyone ever told you that you should write your life story? Have you ever thought you’d like to record some of your life experiences for your family and future generations but don’t know how to get started? While writing about one’s life can be therapeutic and leave a wonderful legacy, the task can be daunting! This program will help you to decide if you want to write about or record your story, explore common pitfalls, and give you some ideas for getting started. If you have already begun to tell your story but have gotten stuck, this program will also give you some strategies for moving forward.






Insights on Aging: Policy, Advocacy, and You

Please join us to learn how we can all be effective advocates. In this video, our esteemed panelists from JUF Chicago addressed public policy issues that pertain to older adults and adults with disabilities. What do JUF government affairs specialists at the local, state, and federal level do and how does that filter down to affect members of the community? What legislative issues are on the horizon in aging and disability? How does one become an effective advocate and stay informed?






Insights on Aging: Connection, Communication, and Dementia

When someone receives a diagnosis of dementia, it affects not just the person being diagnosed but the family and community around them. As dementia progresses, it can be harder to communicate with the person living with dementia as language and processing abilities diminish as well. This program will provide information and tips for caregivers, friends,and community members who wish to cultivate positive interactions and enhance connection to those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Presented by
Lisa Andrews, LCSW, CJE Counseling Services, Clinical Supervisor

Rosann Corcoran, LCSW, CJE Counseling Services, Senior Manager

Melissa Gelfand, MS, CTRS, Director of Community Services






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