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Insights on Aging: Connection, Communication, and Dementia

When someone receives a diagnosis of dementia, it affects not just the person being diagnosed but the family and community around them. As dementia progresses, it can be harder to communicate with the person living with dementia as language and processing abilities diminish as well. This program will provide information and tips for caregivers, friends,and community members who wish to cultivate positive interactions and enhance connection to those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Presented by
Lisa Andrews, LCSW, CJE Counseling Services, Clinical Supervisor

Rosann Corcoran, LCSW, CJE Counseling Services, Senior Manager

Melissa Gelfand, MS, CTRS, Director of Community Services



Insights on Aging: Building Self-Compassion through Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce stress, increase resilience, and enhance wellbeing, but people are often overwhelmed or intimidated by how to begin. Presented by CJE Counseling Services, this program will provide an opportunity to learn about, do a brief practice, and discuss mindfulness meditation techniques. Several styles of mindfulness meditation will be explained and there will be some discussion of common barriers and challenges to establishing a regular practice.

Presented by
Lisa Andrews, LCSW, CJE SeniorLife Counseling Services, Clinical Supervisor

Kate Maley, MSW, LSW, CJE SeniorLife Counseling Services, Therapist



Insights on Aging: Understanding Why We Chase Highs

Some people opt for escaping with substances like alcohol, cannabis, or pills. Others opt for other behaviors that, over time, can become habitual and interfere with our quality of life. While activities such as gambling, internet gaming, shopping, or using social media can be fun and engaging, they can also have their risks. This presentation will inform participants about non-substance use disorders or “process addictions” and will suggest ways to identify these tendencies in yourself and others. Participants will be provided with resources to help themselves, friends, or loved ones to address these issues should they arise.

Presented by
Nina J. Henry, LCPC, CADC, Addiction Specialist & Mental Health Educator, JCFS Chicago



Insights on Aging: Understanding and Transforming Loneliness

The High Holidays can be a time of renewal and celebration, but for many it can also be a lonely time, especially for those who lack family or close connections as they age. Please join us for another in our Insights on Aging series where this time we will explore the concept of loneliness, its prevalence in American society, and some strategies for overcoming loneliness at any age.

Presented by
Sharon Dornberg-Lee, LCSW Clinical Supervisor, CJE Counseling Services






Insights on Aging: Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding LiveS

Have you been feeling down or blue? Have you lost interest in doing things? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions and are age 60 or older, PEARLS may be right for you. PEARLS is the Program to Encourage Active and

Rewarding LiveS, an innovative and evidence-based program to help older adults recover from depression in just eight sessions. In this one-hour educational program, the presenters share more about PEARLS and how to put some of the motivational and problem-solving tools of the PEARLS program to use right away!

Presented by
Lisa Andrews, LCSW Therapist, CJE Counseling Services

Sharon Dornberg-Lee, LCSW Clinical Supervisor, CJE Counseling Services



Insights on Aging: Checking in on Mental Health

May is National Mental Health Month and a great time to talk about mental health awareness. Prior to the pandemic, the everyday challenges of aging and caregiving were significant, but this new reality appears to be demanding more resilience and psychological flexibility than anyone anticipated.

This program, originally presented on May 13, 2022 by CJE Counseling Services, outlines the signs and symptoms of common mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and caregiver stress. The potential benefit of seeking the services of a mental health professional will also be explored. Resources and self-help tips for maintaining good mental health, even during difficult times, will be shared.

Presented by
Lisa Andrews, LCSW
Therapist, CJE Counseling Services

Sharon Dornberg-Lee, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor, CJE Counseling Services


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